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The team


"Big Gun David"

Meet David, a seasoned boxing trainer with roots deeply embedded in the heart of boxing excellence, Joburg, the home of boxing in South Africa.

David's journey is one of commitment and passion, as he spent a total of four years honing his skills before stepping into the competitive arena of amateur boxing. His wealth of experience and love for the sport make him a remarkable guide for those eager to embrace the art of boxing.



Introducing Suleiman Cash, affectionately known as "Scash," a seasoned trainer with a remarkable martial arts journey. With a solid foundation in judo, Scash dedicated an impressive nine years to mastering the art. Building on this foundation, he delved into the world of kickboxing, amassing an impressive 15 years of experience, including competing in VK1 kickboxing.

Suleiman Cash honed his skills under the guidance of Eddie Marshal, a testament to his commitment to continuous improvement. Not merely content with training, Scash showcased his prowess by competing in the EFC for two years, seamlessly combining his expertise in kickboxing and judo. With a wealth of experience and a passion for martial arts, Scash stands as a beacon for those eager to embrace the discipline and skill of judo and kickboxing.


"Eesa Mohammed"

Meet Eesa, a seasoned martial artist and fitness enthusiast, whose life has been dedicated to the disciplines of judo, boxing, and fitness. With a wealth of experience, Eesa not only embodies these sports but also imparts his knowledge as the proud owner of Iron Pro Boxing. His lifelong commitment to training is evident in the numerous fighters he has coached and guided.

Eesa holds a certificate in personal training, showcasing his expertise in tailoring fitness programs to individual needs. Whether it's mastering the techniques of judo, the finesse of boxing, or achieving optimal fitness, Eesa's passion and knowledge make him a trusted mentor and coach. At Iron Pro Boxing, under Eesa's guidance, individuals not only train for physical prowess but also embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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